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Kuih Bakul

Kuih Bakul (Nian Gao) is a Chinese snack (?) mainly popular during the Chinese New Year season.

I had the craving for kuih bakul recently. I happened to be at a pasar malam last weekend and saw an old lady selling kuih bakul (along with some nyonya kuih -- I assume she's a nyonya). The kuih bakul looked so traditionally homemade, with even bamboo leaves. I'm a sucker for homemade stuff, and from my experience old ladies are usually the best at making homemade snacks. So I paid RM4.50 for it. I certainly hope it tastes better than the mass-produced, commercial variety ^^;.

It was still fresh, warm and soft when I bought it. In fact the lady was still making more when I passed by (various tins and cans were used as moulds for the kuih). Thus, it got somewhat deformed in the process of bringing it back to Cyberjaya though (as you can see in the picture) ^^;

Still wondering whether to gobble it up or to bring it back to my hometown? On second thought... I think I'll just finish it up. Should I eat it with grated coconut or fry it or just eat it as it is? >.<


1 siti said,

hye.i’m doing some research about kuih bakul.Here,i would like to ask your favor about the background/history of this kuih.Kindly do reply this message.

2 josiah said,

Sorry, the only thing I know about kuih bakul is how to eat it :P

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