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Burgers Burgers

If you have noticed, my recent posts are long-winded, overloaded with text (which I assume nobody reads) and more rant/complaint-orientated. I guess working too long at MMU can really bring out the angst in you.

In my attempt to bring back the livelier and cheerful me into my posts, I have decided to return to my roots -- short text, pretty pictures and most importantly: lots of food! :)

Anyway, here we go.

Whilst waiting for my flight back to my hometown for Chinese New Year, I got hungry and went around KLIA searching for food that is not so overpriced. Finally, I've decided to go with an ala carte KFC Colonel Burger as I haven't had it for a very long time. The price? RM4.50. Just for a measley burger. (>.<)

Can't wait to sink my teeth into it. Let's open it!

That's a burger?! I don't remember ordering a kid's meal? Any kid can finish that in few minutes! Or are they trying to reduce the obesity rate of kids in Malaysia?

Even my 10cmx6cm camera case is larger than that! And those who know me know that I carry my camera in my pocket everywhere I go (>.<)

Here's a final comparison if you still can't imagine the scale of the burger.

Gone were the days where a Colonel Burger is cheap and large (ToT)

(And I just said I won't be doing any complaining... oh well... at least you still get to see food...)


1 bakaka said,

maybe that’s why they introduced the “new” XXL burger?

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