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Flying from KL to Kelantan and Back

I flew back to Kelantan with Malaysia Airlines for the first time. I have only had one experience flying with Malaysia Airlines and it was a long-haul flight. So, it was kinda interesting to experience their domestic flights.

Firstly, the food. Well, sort of. It's a 50-minute flight, so I'm not expecting much.

Makcik sitting beside Josiah: *stare*
Josiah: What? You have never seen anybody take a picture of peanuts and guava juice?

************* (^^;) *************

One good thing about flying with MAS that you do not need to rush to the airplane to secure a nice seat. In fact, I just dawdled my way into the aircraft as I have already requested a window seat upon check-in. Anyway, for my return flight to KL, I was assigned seat 14F (window seat), where I managed to get a very "good" view -- of the wing that is.

As if to compensate for my view being blocked by the wing, I received some spacious leg-room instead -- there were no seats directly in front of me! (the emergency exit was there)

That was comfy! ^_^

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