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Blackout Curtains

I have always found natural sunlight too bright and glaring for me, especially when I'm indoors: it just makes me dizzy. I have always preferred darker rooms with proper lighting. I hate to have to wake up to (or rather, be woken up by) the morning sun glaring through my curtains.

For the past few weeks, I was searching high and low for a suitable (darker) curtain to replace the super-light coloured curtains in my bedroom.

(Taken at about 1pm-2pm if I'm not mistaken)

I prefer darker coloured curtains (preferably dark blue). Surprisingly, I just couldn't find a suitable replacement -- most ready-made curtains sold in departmental stores are light-coloured!! Finally, I managed to stumble upon a nice set of curtains at Aussino, Ikano Power Centre last weekend.

It's called "blackout curtains", which I have never ever heard of until today. From what I currently know, "blackout curtains" are made of special materials meant to completely prevent sunlight from penetrating through it. That's exactly what I needed! Of course, it's costly (RM99 with a 10% discount) and I had doubts about buying it (>.<).

Anyway, here's how my room looks like now.

I have never been more satisfied about a product in my life! Although my room now looks slightly plainer, the curtains did what they promised - a blackout! No sunlight managed to penetrate through the curtains at all, and only some sunlight managed to creep in through the top and the sides (no thanks to the gap provided by curtain railings) to provide some ambience to the room. If it wasn't for those gaps there would have been a complete blackout.

If you still can't imagine it, here' s a picture of my room, taken at 3pm, without any flash.

Now I can watched anime and play games even in the morning/ afternoon without getting a headache! Yippee! Well worth my RM89.10 spent! (^____^)


1 YP said,

living in the dark…. you should have just rent a store room to sleep in.. :)

2 josiah said,

i don’t mind that, but only if it’s equipped with air-conditioning though :)

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