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My Workplace (Part 2)

Continuing from Part 1 of the "office" series, the bright sunlight which made us all dizzy in the evenings has prompted us to move to the vacant room situated right opposite ours, with the windows facing away from the sun.

Another thing we have done is the plan the arrangement of the office. The layout of the old office was a little messy due to the massive change of occupants throughout its lifetime. This time, we (well... I did anyway) wanted a more uniform, standardised, tidy, elegant and pleasing arrangement. It was well worth the planning since the result of arrangement was really satisfying.

It was around the middle of January that we finally moved in. This was how my new "territory" looked like.

And this was how it looked like when I'm seated in front of my monitor. Note that I'm seated right in front of the door.

Of course, the best part about the posiiton of my territory is that I get to hide in the corner behind my monitor whenever somebody knocks the door (^^) With my height or there lackof small build, people entering the room might not be able to see me at first glance! (^,^) Thus, I get to avoid answering any queries as I'm not the first person one will see when he or she enters the room unless all 3 of my roomies are not around! LOL!

Here's the arrangement for the remaining tables. We have arranged the tables to be four in a row. In addition, the layout for the side tables/drawers for both halves of the room are arranged to be symmetrical!

A big board is also available for stress relief sketches serious academic discussions.

Also, this time there are no more ugly box-curtains. One colleague managed to obtain a simple but elegant looking piece of curtain to block our secret hideout workplace from prying eyes. Actually, we didn't have the curtain for the first two weeks and I swear -- every single person who walked past the damn bloody window-panel actually had to look into the room! I'm fortunate that I'm hiding at the other end of the room (>.<).

Oh, did I also mention that the room is equipped we equipped the room with a mini-fridge? (^_^)

I guess that's all about my second office. The final part of the series will be about my new office!

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