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My Workplace (Part 3)

So, I had a nice and comfy office equipped with a mini fridge in my second office. However, after settling in for just about three months, I made another drastic decision. Since I am entitled to have my own office all for myself as a lecturer, I decided to move into my own room!

So, here is how my new office looks like from the outside. It is actually just a stone's throw away from my previous offices. It is actually a corner room ^^.

And a first glimpse of my ultra-long desk. One corner is reserved as my private area for me to surf the internet play games do research on the PC. The remaining area is used for student's consultation or any other stuff that doesn't require a PC.

Here is my desk again from different angles.

Of course, I need to make the place homey and comfortable for work. So, some toys ornaments decorations the spice up the room a little bit.

Also, I've picked a cute piece of cloth, specially ordered just for this purpose, to act as a curtain to block the big-fat-all-you-can-see-window-panel. It blends really well with the vibe of the room me thinks ^^.

Well, one more thing to do. I need to redirect clueless students to my new office from my old office. So I pasted this outside my old office.

And just in case some clueless students miss the map and barge into my old room, I have abandoned assigned my cute trustworthy sign-holding puppy the important job of redirecting them to my new place; just to spare my former roomies the trouble to redirect them.

That wraps up my office series! Hope you've enjoyed it!


1 YP said,

Hmm.. an office that you will move out very soon….

Hmm.. the other day i saw your puppy pointing to the window…..

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