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Online Academic Evaluation

MMU has an online academic evaluation system for students to evaluate their lecturers/tutors. Towards the end of a trimester, students are forced encouraged to evaluate their lecturers on a scale of 1 to 5, based on a certain number of criteria (which includes things like "ability to deliver lectures in an effective way", "ability to communicate with students" and "accessibility of lecturer during contact hours"), and give some annonymous comments about the lecturer. Lecturers who receive an overall mark of less than 3 will be forced to attend some boring talk to supposedly motivate and improve themselves (which I hope I will never ever have to attend), whilst those who receive 4 marks and above will be given a letter of merit commending their success from the president.

During my first two trimesters here, my score wasn't that great, and I even had comments saying I "look nervous" (-.-||||). During those two trimesters, I was tutoring theoretical subjects, so my tutorials may be somewhat boring. During my third trimester, I was teaching a programming subject, and it was the first time I was tutoring as a lab instructor. I do not know whether it was for that reason, or that I have managed to improve my teaching skills, or the fact that I ran off to the UK in the middle of the trimester has left an impact on the students, but that was the first trimester I obtained something (marginally) above 4 marks, and for the first time recieved a comment containing the word "cute" (>.<).

After returning from my long holiday studies, there was, for some mysterious reason, quite a great leap in my scores for the following two trimesters (including this most recent). Although I do not think I have changed much of my teaching style, perhaps me being in the UK for a year has changed the way I talk (slightly?)... I don't really know or did not notice. I didn't even do any teaching there -- just perhaps several presentations and a student "lecture" among my coursemates. Or that I'm just slightly better in comparison with other lecturers teaching the same set of students this trimester? Or maybe it's just that my bullshitting skills have improved? (^,^)

In any case, let me share some of the interesting things my students have to say about me this time.

"...full of smile..." - yeah heard that a lot even in the UK. Do I smile that much? (>.<)

"...very good interaction with students..." perhaps that's one reason I've been doing well in these evaluations?

"...i dont know why i need to learn this subject..." - because MMU wants your money so you are forced to learn it even if it is useless! bwahahaha! (^www^)

"...why [do] we have 2 assignment? we're FYP students..." - because I'm just a plain evil lecturer who loves torturing students! muahahahahaha!! (^wwww^)

"...he is not a good lecturer ,he is tuter [sic]..." - erm... I'm not sure how to interpret this. Is he/she saying that I'm not a good lecturer because I'm not even a lecturer? Or does he/she mean that I suck at lecturing but am good at tutoring? No idea... I do slightly agree with the latter point though; conducting a lecture class with over 80 students is so much different from a small tutorial class and I wasn't really happy with some of the lectures I have conducted. That and I had to scream at the top of my lungs at every lecture for two straight hours! (>.<)

"...He has got to be more straight [sic] than now. People dont [sic] scared with you. You [are] just too kind...." I assume he/she meant strict and not something else... and,

"...u need [to be] more aggresive..." Hmmm... I'm really surprised... students are asking me to be more strict and aggressive?! (O.o) Well, MMU students still have hope after all... so next batch of students beware!! I will be a tortorous evil lecturer and will scold you for being a minute late, scold you for copying or making noise, give you very low marks for your assignments, mark your exams very strictly etc. You know, I think I'll enjoy that! o(^wwwww^)o

Missing this time around though was the word cute. But the word did appear in my own self-conducted feedback questionnaire during my final lecture (^__^).


1 YP said,

“there was, for some mysterious reason, quite a great leap in my scores for the following two trimesters (including this most recent).”

Hmm… you forgot you got a free 2-months hand-on training on how to conduct courses from YP after you came back from UK.. :)

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