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Retreat in Port Dickson

I spent last weekend in Port Dickson, for 2 whole days, for a holiday conspiracy meeting to plot to take over MMU retreat/workshop/training or whatever you want to call it. Free of course.

On the bus to Port Dickson, I managed to capture some views.

I am starting to appreciate Malaysian scenery better nowadays...

Somewhere on the way in Port Dickson...

I stayed at a hotel-resort called Avillion Admiral Cove. Here, I was locked up, tortured, stuffed like a Christmas turkey for two whole days without any contact with the outside world (ok, some of my friends brought laptops; can't live without email, can we? >.<)

Nice stairs.

Nice fountain.

In my hotel room...

There's even a flat-panel TV!

Of course, there are also lots of bathroom accessories to steal...

Outside, there are lots of yachts belonging to some rich people...


Went to stroll along the beach when I managed to escape had some spare time...

I suspect that these are eggs of those little-crab-thingies...

There was also an eccentric professor attempting to determine the correlation between temperature and free motion of liquid to support the hypothesis that temperature should remain constantly low in liquids where molecules are constantly in motion prove his theory that flowing water is always cold. A failed experiment though (>.<)

I also took some pictures of sunset views around the hotel.

All in all, it was quite a pleasant experience to be locked up and stuffed like a Christmas turkey for two whole days (^,^).


1 YP said,

What on earth are you doing with the other YP in PD?

2 josiah said,

We were supposed to have a secret meeting to plot to take over a certain private university… (^wwww^) Ended up being locked up, tortured, and stuffed like a Christmas turkey instead (>.<)

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