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Yoshinoya @ 1 Utama

Yoshinoya is one of the few restaurants that I frequent whenever I need to find something to eat at 1 Utama Shopping Centre. It is actually a Japanese fast food chain, but I consider a much healthier alternative compared to American fast food chains. The food is served quite fast too.

Yoshinoya is famous for its gyudon (beef bowl rice). However, since I am not a big fan of beef, I have a liking for their teriyaki chicken rice bowl and their salmon rice bowl. Fortunately for me, they even have a salmon & teriyaki chicken combo whenever I feel like eating both (^_^).

Here's a picture of their teriyaki chicken rice bowl, taken some time in November last year.

Last weekend, I tried their new chicken katsudon with tamago sauce (breaded chicken rice bowl with egg sauce). Not bad, although I still prefer my usual favourties.

I also tried their chawanmushi which I have always wanted to try. It is basically a cup (chawan = tea cup) of Japanese style steamed eggs with various ingredients inside. Compared to Chinese-style steamed eggs, the taste is less savoury/salty. I would actually describe it as a cross between Chinese steamed eggs and Taufu Fa (>.<).


1 maria said,

Looks very nutritious….

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