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Searching for Home, from the Air

Have you ever recognised a certain landmark whilst on a flight? I did. In fact, I recognised my hometown Pasir Mas from a plane! And more specifically, I can actually pinpoint the location of my house! It was exciting!

Then again, it was easy to identify Pasir Mas as its position is unique: it is conveniently located right at the "U-bend" of the Kelantan River. See the picture below (taken on a plane) to get the idea.

This picture was actually taken sometime in May. The bridge is called the Salor bridge (which can actually be seen from my house, and you can also see my house from the bridge). If you look carefully, there is a white spot which is actually a big water tank very near my house. I think it belongs to the fire brigade (also near to my house). I am not giving away the location of my house for privacy reasons (^_^)

Another landmark I have recently seen from a plane is the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC). I did not manage to capture a picture though (>.<)


1 maria said,

I saw the Salor Bridge too! but i didn’t recognize the water tank! wooo~~~

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