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Starting My PhD

I have arrived in the UK safe and sound (no missing connecting flight and delayed baggage adventures this time around! ^,^). I know I haven't been posting much as I've been quite busy. And going to bed early and getting up early (for some obvious reasons) doesn't really help me get things done either.

Anyway, on my second day back in Leeds, I went to the university to get myself registered. And I received lots of administrative documents to read (>.<). And lots of weird forms to fill up - these include things like "Training Plan" and "Lab and Housekeeping Team Form" to be submitted within a month. And I'm supposed to attend various talks/seminars/workshops too (>.<). Oh dear.

I was assigned a desk in a lab (I'll talk about this in another article), and whilst waiting for my new PC to arrive, I have to settle with a temporary "slow" (Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz, 512GB RAM, with a DVD drive, flat panel screen etc.) machine (^^;)

Then I had a meeting with my supervisor. Who gave me lots and lots of papers to read (some of which I have fortunately already read) -- and you're not even looking at half of them!! (>.<) And I already have some scripts and programs to write already. And this is my first day. Ooh... I am so looking forward to doing my PhD (>.<)

And I was forced advised to follow my supervisor's footsteps by getting myself a large notebook (free!! from the school!) and to carry it everywhere and to fill it up to the brim with my handwriting (>.<) (Sorry that the colour of the notebook and the colour of the table are the same ^^;)

And did I mention that this is only from my main supervisor? I still have a co-supervisor to meet and I suspect that she will be just as brutal (>.<)

Being the organised person that I am, and with so many things to do, I thought that I had better get myself organised with a log of my activities (so that I don't slack off as well!).

Of course, the best part of being a PhD student here is -- flexi-hours! I can come and go whenever I please... yippee!!

And this is just something I've learnt from my supervisor: "papers that contain the words 'fuzzy', 'novel' and 'neural' in their title are probably not worth reading" (>.<)

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