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Flying With Singapore Airlines (Part 1)

So far, I have travelled on 3 long-haul flights, and have flown with different airlines each time. My first time was with Malaysia Airlines 2 years ago, and my second with Emirates last year. This time, I chose Singapore Airlines to fly to Manchester from Kuala Lumpur, transitting in Singapore.

The first leg of the journey between KL and Singapore was on a plane with a 3-3-3 seater. I reserved a window seat somewhere at the back of the plane. I don't know about the front, but the plane was quite empty at the back.

And since it was only a 50-minute flight, they only served a drink.

The entertainment system seemed to be working, but no headphones were provided. I browsed through the movie list and was a little disappointed with the selections. The new movies weren't to my tastes (they included Indiana Jones which I have already watched, Sex in The City, the Forbidden Kingdom etc.). I was worried that these were the only movies I get to watch for my longer flight.

Anyhow, after landing at Changi Airport, I had to wait for about 4 hours for my connecting flight.

And since the distance between gates and terminals were quite large, they had "Skytrains" to bring you aroud.

Initially, I thought that I would be able to use the wireless at the airport on my laptop, but it seems that I will only be able to browse if I were subscribed to a Singaporean ISP (T_T)

However, I did manage to use a public Internet kiosk to do some mail checking (no pictures... sorry...)

And I also went to do some sight-seeing and window-shopping.

There was also a Jazz pianist performing... (I thought he played brilliantly) You know, this place really feels more like a shopping centre than an airport...

I was hungry, and realising that I only had Malaysian Ringgits and British Pounds with me, I went to a Bureau de Change to get myself some Singapore Dollars. Looking at other customers doing transactions by the thousands, I was a little sceptical that I would even be entertained. Fortunately, I managed to exchange my RM25 with a measly amount of SD10.20. (>.<) It was spent on Burger King, and a bottle of mineral water (I hate having to call the stewardess every time I need a drink, and I drink a lot -- of water of course).

And when it was time, I went through the security checkpoint, and proceeded to board my 13+ hour flight.

[To be continued...]

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