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Random Conversations

Here are just some typical conversations I often have with people I've just met over here in the UK...

Conversation 1

Person-I've-just-met: So, what year are you in?
Josiah: 1st year ...
Person-I've-just-met: *about to say some patronising things about me being a fresher*
Josiah: ... Ph.D.
Person-I've-just-met: *pause with mouth half open*
Person-I've-just-met: *eyes wide open* (O_O)
Person-I've-just-met: Oooooooooh... Wooooww....

I'm really starting to enjoy this... =D

Conversation 2

Curious-Person: So, what's your project about?
Josiah: Recognising butterflies.
Curious-Person: *blinks*

I've found it tiresome to explain what I'll be doing for the next 3 years. Thus, I've decided to summarise it into 2 words. Clear, elegant and concise. Good job, if I do say so myself! (^,^)V


1 maria said,

Hahaha! i hope i can do that too! =D i find it fun to pretend that i’m a banana though..

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