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Moldy Moldy

What happens when you leave your things unattended in a cellar for almost one whole year?

You'll get...

... a moldy wok ...

... moldy plates ...

... a very moldy sieve and very moldy baking trays ...

... disgustingly moldy spatulas (eeekk!!!) and utensils.

Amazingly, my three pillows and fluffy duvet weren't moldy. Then again, they were not kept in a cellar, but in a store room.


1 maria said,

ooh yeah…dark moldy cellars….r u still going to use those?

2 josiah said,

except the gooey spatulas…. yes :P

3 YP said,

I know this blog has something to do with food….

A tip is to apply a thin layer of oil on the utensils if you do not use them for long, keep them in air-tight container if possible.

4 josiah said,

thanks for the tip!
Not that it is of any use now :(

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