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Snow in Leeds 2008

When I was in Leeds for my Master's, it first snowed in late January 2007, and only snowed about 2 or 3 times after that. In all cases, the snow only lasted for an hour or two before it melted.

This year, winter arrived early: the weather started to become colder since October. There was some snow in the middle of the night somewhere in November, although it didn't really last. For the past 2 days since 1st December 2008, Mother Nature made some feeble attempt at snowing, and there were traces of snow around, albeit scarce. According to weather forecast, there will be heavy snow around England early this morning, and is expected to last quite long. Although I remained a little optimistic, I didn't put too much hope to avoid any disappointment.

I happened to wake up at 6am, and decided to check for signs of snow. To my pleasant surprise, I saw thick snow! Here is a video clip taken from my room at the time, the first part showing the scenery outside, the second showing a garbage truck at work, and the final part showing the tyre tracks left by the garbage truck. The things fluttering about in the video are snowflakes.

Then I went back to sleep... (_ _).zzZ


After waking up, I was quite excited to see relatively thick snow still remaining all over the place. I'll let the pictures do all the talking.

Note the snow-capped roofs as well.

And the tree branches.

Of course, I couldn't resist scribbling on the ground...

And finally, a lifelong dream fulfilled! (Well, sort of...) Presenting Soo-no-boy version 1.0! (codenamed Grumpy)

And since I've accidentally beheaded dropped poor Grumpy's head and smashed his skull, I've upgraded Soo-no-boy to version 2.0! (codenamed Evil Villian)

Some time later, I've decided to further improve my work (after some quick online tutorials). Presenting Soo-no-boy version 3.0! (codename Cutie). Ain't he a cute little fellow (^^)?

The ball beside it is actually what remained of Evil Villian's head. I wasn't sure what to do with it. I guess you can just imagine cute little sue-no-boy playing with a snowball (^^)

Of course, a picture with little soo-no-boy's daddy (^,^)

My dream now is to build a much larger, standard 3 tiered snowman (^___^). I wonder when (or whether) that will happen? *fingers crossed*


1 YP said,

aiseh…ver1.0 looks so ugly, ver2.0 looks terribly evil and ver3.0 looks so mentally retarded….hope you will do a better job for ver4.0!

2 josiah said,

but i thought v3.0 was cute :(

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