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Conwy (Revisited)

I haven't done any touring since September last year, and I have quite forgotten how it feels like to be a tourist. Thus, despite being busy trying to recognise butterflies, I managed to find some time to revive my interest in travelling. I joined a Don't Be a Tourist tour to North Wales some time early November (gives you an idea of how lazy occupied I was to be able to write this...). One of a good points about Don't Be A tourist is that lodging and transport are all taken care of, and you do not have to follow the group around as you're free to do whatever you like. Plus, if you're constantly having problems finding a travel companion (like I have), then this is one of the best ways to travel!

As a compensation for my lack of posts recently, I am breaking this article up into different parts (^_^). This is Part 1 of my North Wales trip. The first stop was Conwy, where I have previously visited some time in Spring last year. If you have read my previous post of Conwy, you may have remembered that I did not manage to enter Conwy Castle at the time. Well, the main focus this time will be on Conwy Castle and views of Conwy from the Castle, and I will also present things previously not talked about from a different point of view.

Firstly, a quick geography lesson. Wales is a country situated in Great Britain, and forms part of the United Kingdom. The people are known as Welsh, and they speak the Welsh (which supposedly involves a lot of spitting). Here is a glimpse of the Welsh language...

Conwy castle from a distance. This will be my first stop.

Correction.... the first stop is actually the toilet. I was fascinated by the toilet for some reason. ^^

Entrance to the castle

Inside Conwy castle.

A view of the sea from one of its towers. Note the rainbow (remember that it was raining?)

And another view...

The Great Orme from a distance, to which I will be visiting later.

And Wales won't be complete without views of cute little sheeps grazing on the grass ^^

Conwy in autumn.

Here is a model of how the castle should look like during its glorious days

The Conwy Suspension Bridge (left) and the Conwy Railway Bridge (right).

A nice little garden on an autumn's day outside the castle.

The town centre. Conwy is just a small town.

Recalling the nice experience I had when climbing the city walls 1.5 years ago, I climbed it again. You can see the nice houses with their chimneys from here.

The dead end still looks the same as from last year (>.<)

I slightly regretted not entering "The Smallest House in Great Britain" the last time, so I was quite determined to enter it this time. Doesn't seem too small now that I'm standing beside it, but then again I'm not exactly that tall (>.<)

Alas, nobody told me that it was closed during this time (TAT). That explains why there wasn't a Welsh lady dressed in a traditional Welsh costume outside this time.

I'll leave you (until I complete the next post) with a friendly, little seagull by the sea (^^)

(And no, I didn't have lunch at Conwy that afternoon, so no pictures of food :( (I can hear somebody rejoicing). Unless you want to eat the poor little seagull...)


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