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What Should I Do?

My web hosting company has decided to terminate their hosting service starting some time next week.

I've expected this day to come sooner or later. There is only one person running the company. I was only paying USD2 per month for it, so it was quite worth the price. Fortunately, I was paying monthly and not a whole year in advance in case things like this happen.

For those who don't understand what's happening, it just means that my website will be homeless. This means no more place to put up pictures of mouth-watering food or my adventures, or to write about things which probably don't matter to most of you anyway.

Of course I could also take this advantage to revamp my whole website (which I have wanted to do since 2 years ago ^^;). But that might take at least one year at the current rate (>.<)

So, what are my options?

(1) Move everything to a new web hosting company (and most probably pay more), and pretend that nothing has ever happened (apart from a short, unavoidable downtime). And hope that I will be able to redesign my website *eventually*

(2) Redirect my address to a temporary blog site (eg. Blogspot), until I finally get down to designing a completely new website. This would mean my old stuff would be unavailable until I have my own webspace.

(3) Redirect my address to a temporary blog site permanently?

(4) Put up a "coming soon" page until I finally complete my new website?

(5) Put up a "coming soon" page, suspend writing nonsense articles about food indefinitely, and concentrate on my PhD instead?

What do you think?

In any case, my web address will always be the same -- it is where it will take you that matters. You might experience a little downtime some time next week when any transitions take place though.

I have actually found a seemingly good web hosting company, but it would mean paying 2 years in advance to obtain their lowest price. If I pay 2 years in advance, I will save USD3 per month (this means I save USD36 per year!!!); paying 1 year in advance will save me USD2 per month. I'm not sure whether I should take the risk, especially with the current economic situtation. Or does anybody have any other web hosting recommendations?

Hmm... decisions decisions... what do you think?
(This is actually just a desperate attempt to get you to post a comment >.<)


1 maria said,

up to you =)
as long as i can continue to read ur blogs =D
but blogspot doesn’t seem to allow me to write emoticons like (>.<) or (>O<) >”<

2 YP said, not good enough?

3 josiah said,

Thanks for the suggestion YP, but I have already moved :P

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