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Winter Wonderland in Leeds 2009 (Part 1)

A few weeks ago, England experienced its heaviest snow in 18 years. I was fortunate to be part of it.

In the evening of 1st Feb 2009, snow started falling. And this continued throughout the night. The next day, it was all winter wonderland in Leeds! (^o^)/ The whole of Leeds was blanketed with snow, literally. I may not have experienced a White Christmas, but I was very fortunate to be able to experience a White Chinese New Year (it was day 8 of CNY)!!

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.

A good view of snowy Leeds from my flat!! Don't you just love snow-capped roofs? *swoons*

Look at how thick the snow was outside one of the windows of my flat.

I just find this tree... sexy (>,<)

The little chairs and the little table are not spared of the snow.

A poor little flower pot covered in snow.

This is what you get for leaving your car out in the snow overnight.

Just an idea of how thick the snow was. Not that thick, isn't it?

Plants completely covered by the snow...

Whereas you can still see grass the last time it snowed, no green grass can be spotted this time. It was completely covered by snow.

A calm and serene looking winter scene. Very nice.

White!! White!! White!! No signs of any grass at all!!

Very very nice. Me likey.

Footprints. Somebody must have been having a snowball fight.

Even traffic lights are not spared.

Here is a video taken from my room when the snow was reasonably heavy.

I had too many pictures and it would be a pity to filter them all out, so... more snow in part 2! (^__^)

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