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The Mystery of the Missing Hour

The dreaded day has come.

It is a day nobody likes.

It's the start of the dreaded... DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME!!!! Be afraid!! BE VERY AFRAID!!

This is the day an evil mastermind steals away 1 hour of everybody's life in certain parts of the world. Just because he loves getting up early in the morning to see the sun and wants half of the world to be like him (>.<).

To prove that he is an evil mastermind that could make even Microsoft bow down to him, I kept watch at 29 March 2009, 12:59:55 am.

Exactly 5 seconds later...

1 hour of my life stolen right under my nose (>.<)

England is now 7 hours behind Malaysia from today until the end of October, when the evil mastermind is forced to return what he has stolen (>.<)

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