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Nick Pitera

I was listening to various Disney songs on Youtube the other day (yes I love old school Disney songs!). It was at some point that I was listening to various versions of "Part of Your World" (from The Little Mermaid). I quite liked Jessica Simpson's version by the way! I then saw a version by a "Nick Pitera" and thought it would be interesting to see how a male would sing it. And so I clicked on it.

A female voice? I was initially a little confused as I thought it should have been a male singing. After reading the comments I finally figured out that it was indeed a male singing. He basically gave himself away halfway in the song LOL (you'll understand when you hear it).

After Googling a bit, I found that it was a submission for a "Give Us Your Voice" competition (click here for the original video). Sadly he did not win it :(

He later recorded a duet of A Whole New World (from Aladdin), where he sang a duet with... who else but HIMSELF? :)

I also love his 'duet' of "One Sweet Day" (Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men)! It was fantastic! :)

There are many other interesting videos from him:
I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston)
All I Ask of You (from Phantom of the Opera)
O Holy Night (Celine Dion)
All I Want for Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey)

My favourite? It's probably "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"! Oh my, I think he sang it better than some versions I've heard!!

Many guys can sing 'light' falsetto, and there are many guys who try to do the squeaky-michael-jackson-high-pitch thing. But what I'm more impressed about Nick Pitera is how he can BELT in a higher register. And he doesn't sound like he's trying too hard to scream every high note either... it sounds more like a female singing with her chest voice (or head voice? Think Ning Baizura!). I sometimes even forget that it's a guy singing when I do not watch the video! I thought that his singing has a lot of power, good resonance and probably lots of vibrato (I'm not a music expert!). There's something natural about the tone, and the emotions are all still there; so his singing makes musical sense... probably because of his musical theatre style of singing. Sure, his recording equipment may have helped a bit... but you can only do so much with the equipment if you don't have the talent!

And yes, he does sing only with his male voice at times (e.g. When You Believe).


1 bakaka said,

wow……he’s really good…really really like a female singing…
or a young boy singing… =D
but he is really really good! not phoney or cheesy at all….
i thought his male singing style in a whole new world was drawling and nasal (which annoyed me >.<), but i really feel good after listening to him.

btw, he’s covering eva cassidy’s cover of over the rainbow…

2 josiah said,

Yes, he really sounds like a female most of the time! As long as you forget that it’s him singing!

Yeah, it’s eva cassidy’s over the rainbow… which is what most people cover nowadays… i was clinging to my seat when he was hitting the high notes :)

His male voice is not as outstanding, but still solid. I’m not too particular about nasality nowadays.. a little bit of nasal does add some ‘naturalness’ to singing sometimes. my own nasal voice is much worse :(

he has performed live at some universities in the States. maybe you might be lucky enough to catch him? :P

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