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jOSiAh's ^_~ Haven

In One Breath

Josiah is an anime lover, a programming addict and a music lover(.) He hails from Kelantan, Malaysia and is currently stuck in the University of Leeds undergoing intensive, tortorous training to become a competent researcher(.) He is often found locked up in his cubicle staring at thousands of pictures of butterflies every day and mumbling names of different species of butterflies to himself(.) He also seems to be getting better at cooking.

Basic Information

  • Name: Josiah Wang
  • Gender: Male


  • watching anime
  • cooking
  • programming
  • reading manga
  • internet (surfing, web designing)
  • music (singing but is horrible at it T_T, playing the piano but is horrible at it T_T, composing (has been stagnant for years))
  • drawing (but is horrible at it T_T)
  • playing Dance Dance Revolution (still an amateur)
  • photography (a (re)new(ed) interest!)

Quick Info

  • Josiah is a programming addict
  • Josiah has a short attention span (^_^)
  • Josiah has a liking for things which exhibit kawaiiness
  • Josiah loves chocolates, especially white chocolate! *yum yum*
  • Josiah is a Kelantanese – and is proud of it!
  • Josiah is an Opera (browser) user – and is proud of it!

Extended Info

  • Josiah hates hot weather
  • Josiah loves Chicken satay! *love*
  • Josiah hates being controlled
  • Josiah loves controlling (^ O^/)
  • Josiah hates being unacknowledged
  • Josiah hates people taking credit for MY work (>_<)
  • Josiah hates spoilers, as in movie, anime, tv shows spoilers…
  • Josiah loves being appreciated
  • Josiah is a lone wolf most of the time…
  • Josiah still acts like a child
  • Josiah is shy but friendly (well, at least I hope you think I am…)
  • Josiah doesn’t talk much…
  • Josiah easily gets annoyed by gender stereotyping… (men must be big and strong… yeah right!)
  • Josiah has recently picked up a new hobby – taking self-portraits!
  • Josiah is intrigued by “kaomaaku” (face marks)/“kaomoji” a.k.a. Japanese smilies