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Josiah's Adventures in the UK (Part 1)

I've arrived in the UK safe and sound.

Yeah... my first time in the UK, and I missed my connecting flight! I'm supposed to be transitting from London to Manchester, then get on a train to Leeds. My Malaysia Airlines MH2 arrived in Heathrow at about 6:35am (UK time), delayed slightly (supposed to arrive at 5:55am). Then queuing up to get on the shuttle to Terminal 1 (from Terminal 3) and to get through the immigration and health officers... what a nightmare. I only reached Terminal 1 at about 8am, and managed to check in at 8:23am (after the long queue for the screening). The gate closes at 8:25am and flies at 8:55am BTW. Anyway, I still had to get through the immigration and health officers, all which had a queue. Haha.... managed to reach my gate at about 9:10am, where of course the plane has already been long gone. I was supposed to be put on the waiting list for a 1:20pm plane, or board the 3pm place to Manchester. However, I suddenly decided to change my route to fly straight to Leeds/Bradford Airport. And the nice lady at bmi is very helpful, and I managed to change my flight. Hurrah! Now I don't get to take a ride on a train! A blessing in disguise perhaps? (^_^) Let's just hope my luggage don't get lost in all this chaos (-_-)

to be continued...

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