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jOSiAh's ^_~ Haven

I'm Feeling Good!

\(^o^\) (/^.^)/

It is such a good feeling being appreciated by students...

I was actually feeling sleepy until reading all my student's comments (in the mmu online evaluation system). It really brightened my day, or night, wait it's day right now (1:20am) ...

For any of my students who happen to visit this page (which I highly doubt...), thank you very much for all your comments, and thank you for your wishes, and thank you for still remembering me... m(_ _)m I have noted all of the comments (good and bad) and am really glad that so many of you took your time to give me some feedback (^o^;>) Yeah, they will definitely help me improve my teaching skills (^_~) Oh and the comments were anonymous - so I can only see your comments, but am clueless about who wrote what.

But I really want to know who was the one who said that I was "very cute"!!
I've never been so happy... I must really be a weird guy for being so happy about someone calling me cute... (*^.^*) Let me know if you happen be the one who has given this comment - i'll buy you a super souvenir from the UK or something ^_^

I love you guys ~~

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