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Ten Drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci

I have just found out that the Leeds City Art Gallery has been running an exhibition of ten drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci taken from the Queen's royal collection for months now, and it's ending this weekend. I know noughts about art... but if drawings from a famous artist happen to be exhibited nearby... why not take a peek? Then I can boast to everybody in Malaysia that I have seen Leonardo's original drawings! BWAHAHAHA!! (^o^)

Well... I went there this afternoon... and cluelessly looked at all the ten drawings (well... I would actually say that they are more like sketches):
- Studies of gun-barrels and mortars
- A study of a woman


1 YP said,

I believe the exhibition is about Da Vinci’s work, not so much about his art… so you being clueless about art is not so relevant. Many people do not know, Da Vinci was also a great inventor and researcher.

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