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Grassington Dickensian Christmas Festival

I went to Grassington today for the Dickensian Christmas Festival to "see the village square and streets transformed into a traditional market with people dressed in period costume."

It was extra cold when I was there (and no wonder.... it was 3-5°C!!)

Anyway... just for YP, allow me to start off talking about food! (^__^)

I've tried a mince pie... which is actually a mini-pie filled with fruits and jam like thingy... (no minced meat!!) Usually eaten during Christmas season.

And nothing like a cup of home-made mulled wine (hot wine) on a cold day...

Haha...I'll spare you the details of the hotdog, chocolates and candies I've bought (^,^) I didn't buy one particular candy named "Reindeer Poo" though (^^;). Actually it's just chocolate coated raisins...

Oh... speaking of reindeers...

This, my friends, is a real life reindeer from the Cairngorn Reindeer Herd, "Britain's Only Reindeer Herd - roaming free in their natural environment."

And this is how a reindeer scratches its nose. o(?_?)o

Actually, they got these reindeers (there were about 4 I think) to pull the sleigh for the Santa Procession where a few lucky kids get to ride on the sleigh with Santa. Just specially for today (^_^)

Oh did I mention that I actually saw a real live donkey too? Pity I couldn't manage to take a pic (T_T) *grumbles something about crowded places* It was used in the Nativity procession to bring "Mary" and "Joseph" to the "stable" (^^;)

Oh and did I mention that puppies here are so cute?!?!! O(?_?)O

Anyway, other than animals...

This is one violent show. I can't believe they let kids watch this.

This one is a street show by the Nutty Chefs - a "band" performance with kitchenwares as instruments. Very interesting. I was amazed (but not enough to throw money into the pail (^,^)). I've managed to capture a video - you can download it here (6 Megs, compressed to WMV format).

This one - I'm really impressed. It's a performance by the Handbell Ringers. I can't believe how you can make such beautiful music with only bells. No other instruments. Just handbells. It really is an art. It's difficult to explain, so just download and watch the video I've taken (4 Megs). I've combined 2 separate performances into one video. My 1Gig SDCard ran out of space while taking the first one, so it kinda got cut off... and I had to delete most of my old pictures on the spot to record more (^^;)

Note that the videos are in 640x480 resolution (^__^). Which explains why my SDCard disk space ran out so quickly. (^^;)

Yeah... I guess that's all... (^_^)


1 YP said,

hahaha…it says “We’ve suffered for our music – now it’s your turn!” .. after you have suffered, you go on to share your suffering with us !?...walau….

2 josiah said,

Haha… of course… sharing is a virtue (^__^)

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