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Char Kuey Teow

I haven’t had char kuey teow in a long time. I actually had char kuey teow today, right here in Leeds! Penang style some more (which is the only kind I eat BTW)...

It looks authentic enough at first glance. All the prawns, tauge, lap cheong(!) are there… taste’s also not bad. Quite up to par to some (decent) versions which I had in KL… of course still cannot beat Penang’s! The only complaints I have is that it’s not greasy enough (in fact the plate was totally clean from oil after eating…) and not salty enough for me (I don’t like eating chilli, so I need more kick in the kuey teow). Lots of the noodles were also torn. I give it a 3 out of 5, or if you use WaiSikKai’s rating… 51%.

I did mention that I am the chef, didn’t I? (^,^)
I knew I shouldn’t have immersed the kuey teow in water for too long…

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