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Strong Winds

Have you ever had the experience of almost being swept off your feet, literally speaking? Well, I did.

The wind here was crazily very strong today. About 70 km/h I think. Not that it's the first time but it was really strong.

When the wind current goes against you, you have to fight hard to just take one single step... it's like a strong force is pushing you to go back. In contrast, when you're both going the same way, well... just think of sail ships.

The worst part is when you are walking on a pedestrian lane beside a road (as in a road with moving cars) and the wind attempts to push you sideways onto the road (>.<)

And there is no way I'm walking up or down the big stairs at my uni... (^^;)


1 bakaka said,
*imagining josiah being blown about~~*
2 YP said,

You should be glad of all the cooking and eating that you have been doing over there, or else you would have been blown get what I mean?

3 josiah said,

Haha… I get that… but the thing is… my bathroom scales show that I am currently lighter than when I left Malaysia (^__^)

4 YP said,

Oh, the gravity is less in UK… furthermore you probably have a broken scale.

5 josiah said,

Really? Gravity is weaker in the UK? Why did I not know that? (>_>)

6 YP said,

Just kidding you… in actual fact it is just the opposite, the gravity in UK is actually more. In Malaysia, gravity is about 9.78 m/s

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