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Ice-skating in Bradford

I went ice-skating for the first time last night! The (indoor) ice-skating rink is at Bradford, a town adjacent to Leeds. Actually, Leeds is also currently having their own outdoor ice-skating rink right now. But it's 6 pounds for a 1-hour session, and it's outdoors. The one in Bradford is 3 pounds, is indoors, and lasts for the whole session (I've skated for 2.5 hours!). Train ticket? 1.70 for a return ticket if you have a Young Persons Railcard, 2.55 without. You do the math.

I've managed to walk on ice for the first time! It was scary though. I started by holding on the sides on the rink for 2 whole rounds and slowly "withdrew" from holding the sides after gaining more confidence. But the amazing thing is that I only fell on my butt ONCE - and it really really hurts like hell! Although I stilll can't skate fast enough yet, I'm quite happy with my balancing ability! I've managed to stop myself from falling loads of times! (The only other 2 times I fell were hand-supported and the fall was slow and light, so no pain!)

And there were some cheeky ang moh kids trying to push us. Luckily I'm not their prime target, unlike my poor (also beginner) friends (^^;)

Now my leg feels all kecok and cacat from the ice-skating (T_T). And my butt still hurts! My left toe is also numb, most probably from some swelling. But it was fun!

Pictures will be up as soon as I get hold of them from my camera-girl (^_^)... Did you actually think that I can take pictures and skate at the same time?


1 Your good friend said,

Josiah skating with a girl, how romantic..!

So, did you hold the girl’s hand most of the time or the side rails?

2 josiah said,

Side rails. Definitely (^_^).

I don't recall mention anything about skating with a girl

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