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The second stop for the trip is Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare.

I bought a Multiple House ticket (much cheaper) to visit three places: Shakespeare's Birthplace, Nash's House/New Place, and Hall's Croft.

This is the house where Shakespeare is believed to be born. You'll have to pay to get in of course, which I did.

Nash's House/New Place was a building purchased by Shakespeare when he was rich and famous. He spent his final years and died here. New Place was destroyed some time after Shakespeare's death and is now a pretty garden.

This is the gorgeous garden outside Nash's House/New Place.

Then, we visited Hall's Croft. Hall's Croft is a building owned by Shakespeare's son-in-law. (Wife, mother, son tumpang popularity I can understand, but son-in-law??!) Hmm... weird... I don't have any pictures of this place!!

This is Holy Trinity Church, where Shakespeare is buried.

Picture is self-explanatory.

This is a view from the banks of River Avon.

I have wanted to visit Anne's Hathaway's Cottage (which is out of town). But time did not permit it. In fact, the whole trip was a big rush (T_T)

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