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Food the British Way

I have not been cooking much interesting stuff lately. So why not look at some British (Hotel) food for a change? (^o^)

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Dinner. A 3-course meal. A proper meal for the mat sallehs should comprise a starter, a main course, and a dessert; served one after another.

Starter: Soup. I have no clue as to what was in there. It tasted suspiciously like curry and carrots. No, the bowl design is not something common even to the ang mohs. I think it was designed so that you can block yourself from view when you drink directly from the bowl.

Main Course. Clockwise from left: Roasted Chicken Drumstick, Roasted Potatoes, Mixed Veges (Brocollis, Cauliflowers, Carrots), Beef and Pasta.

Dessert: Fruit Salad. With Vanilla Ice-Cream on top.


Breakfast. Buffet style.

Clockwise from left: A soft fluffy croissant, light yellowie scrambled eggs, an i-forgot-what-kind-of mushroom, a yummy hash brown pattie, a juicy sausage (which I assume is piggie meat), and a slightly charcoaled bacon.

A scrumptious Pain au Chocolat. Bascially it's a French pastry with chocolate strips inside. Mmmm....

An orgasmic Pecan Plait. A Danish pastry generously filled with sweet yummy Maple Syrup and lovingly sprinkled with Pecan Nuts. Yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy.

I'm hungry.

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