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Let's Go to the Movies!

I can actually count the number of times I've been to a cinema in Malaysia (hardly!). So, I've shocked even myself when I went to watch a movie in Leeds twice in just one week! *gasp* (>.<)

My movie tickets for TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, preview screening) and 300. It usually costs about 5 pounds plus for a ticket, but I have student privileges (^_^). And the VUE cinema here gives a discount voucher for your next visit (expires real quickly though) .

Since I don't watch movies often, I cannot really make a comparison between cinemas in Malaysia and in the UK. Here are just a few opinions:-

Seats: Look and feel like seats on express buses, except that you can't tilt the back.
Temperature: Warm. I prefer the air-conditioning in Malaysia though.
Sound: OK loh.
Video: OK loh.
Popcorns: Not caramelised enough for me (*,*)
Snacks and drink: Real expensive.

What about the two movies I've watched?
TMNT: Nice. Fun. Brings back memories. Well animated turtles.
300: Nice. Detailed. Bloody. Violent. Be prepared for flying heads.
Haha... sorry, I'm not that much of a movie critic (^^;)

Oh and you get to take pictures with Spartans too! (^_^)

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