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Stewed Pork Feet

I've outdone myself this time.

Using the recipe from this page, I've cooked up a savoury dish of stewed pork feet (or rather, foot) for the very first time.

And it's a very cheap meal. I've bought 2 pork feet from the market for only 24p! (^_^)

Read more for the picture! Don't blame me for any physiological damage resulting from you looking at the picture! Not that it's that great anyway... (^^;)

And this is only ONE foot. The other is still awaiting its fate in the freezer... (>.<)


1 YP said,

I won’t blame you for physiological damage, but you will hear from my lawyers on physical damage.

2 bakaka said,

it looks too much…

3 YP said,

Ya.too much.. you should take a ‘before’ and ‘after’.photo of yourself la.

4 josiah said,

Nope. I still look the same before and after (^___^)

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