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I Am A Mastermind!

"Your answers suggest you are a Mastermind"

Woohoo! I'm the great mastermind pulling strings from behind the shadows!! Enemies BEWARE!!

Yeah... it's another personality test... Not as interesting as the previous one though... but I'm quite satisfied with the result (^,^) In fact, I was hoping to be a Mastermind (^_~)

More about masterminds...

"Mastermind is the least common personality type in the UK, according to a nationwide survey."
Yippie!! I'm a rare gem!

"...create a vision for the future by gathering and organising information...develop strategies to achieve their goals."
I've always been a strategist!

"Masterminds value independence and prefer to work on their own."
True true true. Loner I am...

"In situations where they can't use their talents or are unappreciated, Masterminds may cut themselves off from a group and criticise people who don't understand their plans."
Now you know how I hate being unappreciated...

"Mastermind Careers: Masterminds are drawn to jobs requiring logical analysis or abstract thinking common in science or technical fields.

I was almost quite close in becoming a Counsellor too...


1 YP said,

Hahah..join the club, I am a MasterMind too!

In fact my call signs at IRC, ICQ etc. long time ago was MasterMind. Whenever someone else use the same call sign, I will go by the call sign MasterMindSr (Sr=Senior) :)

2 bakaka said,

First try, Realist… quite accurate…
If in the third section i get Hearts, i turn out Nurturer… close…

3 bakaka said,

“Under extreme stress, Masterminds may overindulge in sensory experiences like eating, shopping or watching television.”

Hoho…i’m so proud to have a Mastermind for my bro….

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