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Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam. It has one of the world's largest harbour, so a large part of the city is made up of sea and rivers, and there are many bridges connecting different parts of the city. Unlike Amsterdam which contains lots of old buildings, buildings in Rotterdam are made up of modern architecture, and feels like a high-tech city. This is because Rotterdam was bombed by the Germans in 1940 and the city had to be rebuilt. Unlike modern cities however, the place is quiet, and there are lack of cars since bicycles and trams are popular over here as well.

A view of the Erasmus Bridge. I actually walked on the bridge. I find it fascinating because you also get separate lanes for cars, pedestrians, bikes AND trams on a single bridge. Is that cool or what?

The war memorial, made to resemble a bomb exploding. You can't really see it from the resized picture, but there is "1940-1946" engraved on it.

Fountains, giraffes, buildings, cars and city.

Cube houses (Kubus woningen). Where people live in tilted cubes.

And this is how it looks in one of the Show-Cubes open to public. Not really worth the 2 euros (>.<)

If you walk around the city, you will find weird art everywhere.

Even trees are not spared. (^^;)

Ducks swimming in ponds in a park.

More view.

Since Rotterdam is a major port, there are of course lots of sailboats.

You can also choose to tour Rotterdam on a Spido cruise.

Here is another nice scene across the river.


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