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Warwick Castle, Warwick

Warwick Castle is a medieval castle situated in Warwick, England.

The gatehouse.

The interiors of the castle.

Ooh... a pipe organ in the chapel.

Ooh... I've even met the Queen in the Dining Room! (>_>)

The Great Hall.

A real live soldier!!! (>_>) Those things are damn bloody heavy by the way... (>_<;)

Ooh.... a dungeon! Be very, very afraid!! {{>,<}}

And what's this? According to the plaque, "for a really serious offence a man might be hung in chains near the place of the crime until his body entirely rotted away. It is said that many a strong man, who had stood fearless when sentenced to death, broke down completely when measured for his chains." Scary.

And what is this cute little tent? Ooh... it's a souvenir shop (^^;). Well someone really is in a medieval mood (^^;)

Guy's Tower.

Climbing the tower is not the easiest task, even after considering the fact that I've climbed various towers in Europe.

View of the gatehouse from the tower, as well as views of cute white houses and River Avon.

A view of the trebuchet and camping grounds along River Avon. We'll be going there in a moment.

Victorian Rose Garden.

Peacock Garden. If you haven't noticed it yet, look carefully at the shape of the little tree.

The Boat House.

The Trebuchet, one of the largest working medieval trebuchet.

Camping grounds.

I am about to witness a criminal having his head chopped off... (>.<)


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