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Gmail Storage Increase

I just realised this just a few minutes ago...

The reason I actually noticed it was because I was clearing up some useless junk just a few days ago and I remembered the quota being about 3GB. Hence I was pleasantly surprised.

A little googling revealed that Google has decided to increase the storage quota to 6GB by January 2008. Cool! And talk about good timing: I have just (finally) decided to use Gmail to handle my academic (MMU) email since [1] there seem to be lots of problems with the official Webmail interface, [2] I need to store my mails somewhere (I have accumulated 1607 emails since June 2006) and [3] my hard drives (internal AND external) are as full as my stomach after an all-you-can-eat buffet (^^;).

Now... I wonder which is bigger? Yahoo Mail's "unlimited" or Gmail's "infinity+1"? Well, I don't really care, as long as I don't get any "your mailbox is full" warnings (^^)


1 YP said,

Ya..thank goodness… two or three weeks ago, I was getting panicky because my gmail was about to explode (reach 98%), now it is “You are currently using 2879 MB (71%) of your 4013 MB” :)) come you got more quota than me? :(

2 josiah said,

Haha… no idea. Yours must be slower by one day. Or it might be because my country is still set to “United Kingdom”. But then I should be the one who has less than you ^^;

3 YP said,

Wow…less than 20 hours, mine is now “2886 MB (68%) of your 4200 MB.” which is more than yours now..I suppose yours also increased as well. Don’t think they go by country, may be we are just in different servers.

4 josiah said,

Mine is currently less than yours (4176MB)... I thought they were supposed to increase like 23MB a day…

5 YP said,

wo..mine is now 4396 MB :) 196MB in 5 days !!

6 josiah said,

you seem happy about that (^_^)

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