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Spending Money on Fashion

I have been spending a lot of money merely on clothes over the past few months. The old me will not even dream of that: I was sort of a cincai person when it comes to clothing. I don't know since when have I started to get more fussy over my choice of clothing. Must be from the time my weight has started to go on a downward spiral, and that I can afford to wear better looking clothes after losing all those fat (>.<) Nowadays, I tend to choose small clothes which make me look slimmer than I actually am (^^;)

After returning from the UK, my shopping mission was mainly to get myself some clothes to wear for work. When people talk about "work clothes", it usually means wearing boring shirts and pants which make you look 10 years older than you really are. However, as if experiencing some enlightenment, I recently have this mindset that "formal" doesn't really need to be plain and boring. You can still look professional yet stylish at the same time. With that in mind, I've started to search high and low for formal shirts which fits me perfectly and look good. And I've come to realise that either I've shrunk too much or Malaysians are just too big sized (>.<). I found that even some "S" shirts still look too large on me, and it was shocking to find that some brands don't even have an "S" size (--||||).

Finally, I've managed to find something that looked great on me. Ironically, it's from a boutique chain from the UK -- Topman (Topshop) is a boutique that can be found almost in every city in the UK (and I'm ashamed to admit that I have never set foot in any of them). I just find it funny that a UK clothing store (and meant for Caucasians) has clothes that fit me when I just can't seem to find any fitting clothes in local stores. So, two (expensive) formal shirts from Topman! The size? XS (>.<) Oh, and long sleeves are supposed to be folded up - why did you think each sleeve come with a button and a strap?

Of course, formal doesn't always mean long sleeved. In my attempt to push the definition of "formal" (or rather business casual) to its fullest, I've also bought some short-sleeved not-so-formal shirts. (And small sized as usual).

Polo shirts will also come in handy. And polo shirts shouldn't make you look like old business men playing golf. Both these are coincidentally black, and both are bought on a whim. (>.<) One of them is from Topman by the way (XS as usual).

And with Chinese New Year just around the corner, I was pressured to buy some red clothes. I found it hard initially, but managed to find two red shirts that look great on me.

And when I thought my CNY clothes shopping is over, I just happened to step into another store and bought 3 more! And 2 of them are red! Oh my... >.<

Well, that's it for my recent fashion shopping spree. Hmm... since when have I become so metrosexual? (>.<)

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