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Mid-term Test from the Eyes of an Academic

MMU is obsessed with mid-term tests. These past week, students have all been busy with their mid-terms. I myself have conducted a mid-term test (for the first time!) for my students some time last week.

So, how does a mid-term test look like from the eyes of an academic?

Before the test:

1. Set test questions (3 pages), printed test questions, photocopied about 90 sets of test questions (or rather got a clerk to do it for me), manually stapled 90 sets of test papers (and refilled staples several times on the way) which proved to be the most boring task ever. Phew.

2. Printed the attendance list for students to sign, as a proof that they were there in case anything goes wrong.

3. This wasn't planned, but since I already have a list, why not just assign seats to the students?

4. This also meant I have to print another student list to paste on the wall for students to check their numbers.

5. Not to mention that I have to produce signs to guide students to their correct seats.

During the 1-hour test:

1. Received the first submission within 20 minutes. Within 40 minutes, more than half the class was gone! Does that mean my test was too easy? >.<

After the test:

1. Stayed back until 11pm to mark 80 sets of papers x 3 pages each. Am I a workaholic? >.<

2. Keyed marks into the computer: task made easy with my handy marks-entering-system(TM).

3. Double check marks.

4. Release marks to students.

5. Distribute papers back to students.

So how did my students fare? Nobody got zero (luckily), neither did anybody get full marks (15 marks) all thanks to my little trick question (^_^). The highest was 14.5 marks. Average was 9.5 marks, which is actually quite high me thinks. So I guess it's all good.

Phew... that's lots of work >.<


1 YP said,

you forgot:

6. Write blog about it.

7. Thanks YP for Mid-term Test Process™..oh ya, do not forget the royalties.

8. Make comments on YP’s comments

9. Read YP’s comments on “comments on YP’s comments”

10. Comment on YP’s comments on “comments on YP’s comments”

2 josiah said,

How do I pay royalties if I don’t get any money? >.<

Erm… infinite loop? No stop condition?

3 YP said,

you have a triple raise in your salary, that is how you should pay me royalties. Now be a good boy and make a good comment and say something nice like promising me that you will buy me Baskin-Robbins within 7 days, make sure I do not need to make another comment here, else you will get an Exception thrown at you.

4 josiah said,

No my salary is not triple raised :(

Sorry… no Baskin Robbins… an RM1 paddlepop ice-cream will have to do =)

5 YP said,

Exception Josiah.InsufficientIceCream Thrown.

Oh ya..I think it is not triple, it is quadruple.

6 josiah said,

Exception not caught. Ice-cream falls onto floor.

Nope… neither is it quadruple…

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