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My Final Year Project

A few weeks ago, after evaluating some students' Final Year Project (FYP), I had a sudden urge to look at my own undergraduate FYP, so I tried to get it up and running. I feel so happy to finally get to see and play around with it again after so long!

My FYP was called "Virtual Classroom", and is a .NET-based (version 1.1!! Hey it was 2004 ok?) system which allows classes to be held virtually, in real time, in a 2-dimensional virtual environment. You (along with your teacher and fellow classmates) get to choose your own avatar and walk around the "school" compound, interact with each other, and attend lectures/classes in a "classroom". Sort of like playing an old-school RPG minus the battles and monsters, and your "quest" is to study (>.<). The character sprites were hand-drawn and digitised by myself, whilst most of the background tiles were shamelessly ripped borrowed from a very famous old-school RPG game (^^;).

Here are some snapshots...

The main menu after logging in. You can modify your avatar's hairstyle, hair colour and clothes here.

Student flirting conversing with his teacher in the "school" grounds.

In the classroom, teachers can even use the blackboard to write some text or post some images!

I still cannot believe that I have managed to produce something as complex as this. If you were to ask me to create this piece of software now, I doubt that I will be able to complete it. In fact, I even had a hard time understanding all the codes that I wrote years ago... I must be possessed at the time (>.<)


1 maria said,

i think i helped with the some of the drawing…hehe ^^

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