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End of a trimester

What happens after the end of a trimester?

Right after the exams, it is usually a pile of nightmare for most lecturers. For me, it is a pile of about 80 sets of exam papers to mark single-handedly; each set has 4 to 5 questions, and 4 subsections to each question. Spent about 4 days marking these babies... (>.<)

After that, it is an even bigger nightmare: entering students' marks, one by one, into a user-unfriendly, torturing, hair-whitening world-class system. Well, the process went smoother than I have expected; I was quite prepared for it thanks to learning from YP's experience (^_^)

Then, attend a meeting to waste time mess wit-*cough* confirm all students' marks, for the whole faculty (>.<). And then turn in a report to save myself justify why I am so good at teaching (^^;)

After that, it's pure joy when I am free from last trimester's matters! Which lasts for only about 2 weeks... and then... it's time to repeat the whole process for the Supplementary exam (for students who failed >.<) Luckily I only had to mark 6 sets of papers and enter only 6 students' marks this time around (^^;)

I'm quite happy to be able to gain experience as a lecturer, even if it was just for one single trimester (which is more than enough to last me for a long time). This includes lecturing, coordinating, setting and marking exams, setting and marking assignments, setting and marking tests, modifying preparing course materials, honing my bullshitting skills and well basically experiencing the whole examination process. I have learnt a lot throughout the process, and there is still much to be done to improve myself as an academic.

I can now focus on getting my PhD and improving my research skills (which is actually another part of being an academic).


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