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Bak Kut Teh @ Sungei Way

I had Bak Kut Teh (BKT) only once since returning from the UK (shock!). Since I'm leaving for the UK quite soon, I figured that I should have BKT at least once more before flying off. Thus, I begged forced requested my brother to take me to any shop that sells tasting BKT, at least above-average tasting ones.

Thus, I ended up at Ah Sang Bak Kut Teh at Sungei Way, PJ on a Sunday afternoon. This shop is actually quite famous for its BKT; a quick search on google returned many hits, mostly involving reviews and pictures from (food) bloggers.

It was about 12 noon I think, and the place was crowded. I managed to get a seat at a far back corner of the shop.

The picture below is an order for two persons. Basically we requested them to mix everything they have. We ended up with a claypot full of fried tofu, shitake mushrooms (I think), golden needle mushrooms, choy sum (I personally don't think it goes well with BKT, in fact it's the first time I'm seeing choy sum in BKT instead of lettuce), and pork intestines (I requested them to include more of these! yum yum!). However, one question crossed both our minds: where have all the meat gone?! I only found several pork ribs (with little meat), several slices of lean meat, and one or two slices of pork belly (T_T)

It was a grave mistake to mix too much into a pot of BKT. The BKT has completely lost its taste, and it really didn't feel like BKT at all (-O-). And where are the meat?

Unsatisfied, we ordered one more bowl of BKT (for one person). This time, we requested them to give us all the fatty meat they have (they said they had mostly pork legs/feet left).

Now THAT is BKT! It tastes a hundred times better than the previous serving. The meat was tender, and nice and juicy. And the taste of the soup is much more stronger this time around! * very satisfied *

I would recommend that if you want BKT here, then you should just ask for all the fatty meat! Forget about eating healthily - you are eating BKT for goodness' sake!!

Pity they were out of you char kuey though :(

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