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Flying With Singapore Airlines (Part 2)

My Singapore Airlines (SIA) connecting flight from Singapore to Manchester is on a Boeing 777-200. Like the flight from KL, it's a 3-3-3 seater. And like the previous flight, I've reserved a window seat towards the back of the plane, albeit a few rows ahead from my last flight.

To me, the most important thing about a long-haul flight is its inflight entertainment system. And to my pleasant surprise, the selection is quite impressive. I had thought they will only have a limited number of new movies, but they still have their older movies are still intact. Overall, SIA's KrisWorld (that's what their system is called) boasts about 80 movies, 106 TV Shows, 180 Music CDs, 12 radio stations, and 60 interactive games (according to their booklet anyway). No wonder their in-flight entertainment ranked 2nd in the Skytrax World Airlines Awards (behind Emirates). Having tried both, I have to agree with the survey; KrisWorld is quite impressive, but I thought Emirates' ICE has a slight edge because (1) Emirates has even more movies (150 if I remember correctly) (2) Emirates has live frontal and bottom view cameras! and (3) Emirates lets you use the headphones even before takeoff! (SIA didn't do that for safety reasons).

Anyhow, I was spoilt for choice; some of the movies I watched include Prince Caspian, Kung Fu Panda and Cyborg She (Japanese - interesting movie). I had to watch the last part of "Cyborg She" only with subtitles (without audio) as I had to return the headphones before I could finsh it (T.T). There were some movies I had to forgo watching (e.g. Speed Racer, Surf's Up, Suess Norton's Dr Who?, Forbidden Kingdom) due to lack of time (>.<)

After in-flight entertainment, the second more exciting part about travelling long-haul is of course... the FOOD! We were firstly given light refreshment...

Supper consisted of smoked salmon with potato and walnut salad (top left, forgot to picture it properly :P), cheese and crackers, bread and butter and a bar of chocolate (I think it was Snickers. Can't really remember). The main course was either "spaghetti pasta served with beef 'Bolognaise'" or "wok fried chicken in Oriental black peppercorn sauce, seasonal vegetables and egg noodles. You can easily tell which one I chose.

And check this out! Metal utensils!! On a plane! Ooohh...

In between meals, there were also some snacks.

Breakfast comprises yoghurt, fruit appetiser, bread (with butter and fruit jam). Main course was either "oriental sticky rice with barbecued pork, black mushrooms and pak choi" or "baked crepe with scrambled eggs, veal sausages, tomato and potatoes". Which one did I choose? Take a guess!

The barbecued pork was heavenly (I've just realised that this is the first long-haul flight that I have flown with that serves non-halal meat ^^;)

Another exciting thing always worth exploring is the toilet (especially after two heavy meals =D ). I have a weird hobby of taking pictures of airplane toilets... well... at least no one will stare at you for taking pictures of it!! (>.<) After a while, airplane toilets pretty much look the same (though I still enjoy playing with the super-mighty-powerful-suction-based toilet flush).

And should I mention that airplane toilets usually have a 2-in-1 handwash-cum-air-freshener liquid?

Since it was a night flight, there's not really much view to see, except a few hours before arriving at Manchester. Loved the sea of clouds with the sun rising(?) along the horizon! (>.<)

And I safely touched-down at Manchester Airport at about 6:30am (UK time).

Along with my luggage *relief*.

Overall, I enjoyed the flight, and thought that SIA was a great airlines. A 13-hour flight doesn't seem long when there're great movies and good food to keep you occupied (>.<)

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