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First Week in Leeds: Eating-out and Taking-away

Time to talk about food! Similar to the last time I was here, I did not start doing any cooking until I have settled down. Thus, I have either been eating out or having take-aways for a whole week. Here are the things I have been eating during my first week here.

Firstly, fast food from a takeaway near my university.

2 pcs chicken and 2 spicy chicken wings with chips (chips = big fries) and a can of soft drink for about 3 pounds plus. A "spicy chicken wing" do not usually mean a whole wing - you actually only get the middle part (the humerus?). The chicken wing you see in the picture is the "chicken", not the "spicy chicken wing".

A burger meal (with chips and soft drink).

Flame-grilled peri-peri chicken at a Charcos (Nando's clone) near the university. This (with the chips) was about 5.45 pounds if I remember correctly.

A majority of my lunch was at the university refectory. My memory of this place was that they served proper food which is value for money. It is now expensive and not as good any more :(

I was initially a little stingy. So a little wok of fried noodles was enough for me.

On another day, I took some fish pie, along with some 3 pieces of cauliflowers and some (hard and dry) rice.

And on yet another afternoon, I've decided to just go for a meal set for 4.25 pounds. This is some pasta with salad, chips, and garlic bread. And a fruit.

There was an afternoon when I bought a fresh hot sandwich (panini) from a sandwich shop. This one was with a triple meat filling or something (turkey, ham and bacon). Of course, you can choose your own salads/vegetables.

My friend invited me to "The Eldon" pub nearby since he had a 50% discount coupon. So I ordered a New York Burger (it's huge!) which was originally priced at 4.45 pounds. (^_^)

I did went further for dinner sometimes. This is a plate of pork grill from Wetherspoons on a "Grill Night" on a Tuesday....

...and some chicken curry on a "Curry Night" on a Thursday....

Of course, who can forget England's #1 fast food: Fish & Chips?

And after eating so much high-cholesterol food (did you notice how much "chips" I was having? >.<), I was craving for some healthier food. So guess what I had for lunch that day? RABBIT FOOD!! (rabbit food = a term used and copyrighted by Mr. Manager to refer to food supposedly for rabbits, but snatched away by humans to eat for themselves so that they can be as healthy as rabbits. I hope I got that definition right >.<)

Anyhow, after spending just a few days eating out/taking away, I remembered why I started cooking over here in the first place. Imagine having only a "Cyberjaya Fried Chicken", a Nando's, a pub, a cafe at your university, a sandwich shop and a couple of bakeries (open only during the day) near your home. *gasps* And you think Cyberjaya is bad. (>.<)


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