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First Weekend: Grocery Shopping

I was supposed to write about this (and the next few articles) a month ago but did not have the chance to do so as I have been quite busy (you would be too if you were probably the only student meeting BOTH supervisor AND co-supervisor EVERY week). So, just remember that this article is completely out-of-date (^_^)

Anyhow, I went grocery shopping in the city centre during my first weekend here. I usually go shopping around several places: main stopping points include the Leeds Market (for fresh produce), Wilkinson's (home and kitchen equipments), Wing Lee Hong Oriental Supermarket (for obvious reasons), and Morrisons (for other groceries). Unlike my first time 2 years ago where I gradually stocked up on my sauces and ingredients, I bought most things in one go this time around as I roughly know what I would need. The result? About 70 pounds gone in just one day (>.<)

I had a backpack full of groceries, and still had like 6 bags to carry by hand. I ended up taking a bus back home (the first in my grocery shopping history!!) Along with sore muscles all over my body.

For my loyal readers, here are my groceries unpacked just for you to see (>.<)

I feel like I'm turning into a housewife already (>.<)

70 pounds is actually quite a lot for groceries (for one person!). If I were to be in Malaysia, this would easily exceed RM200 possibly?

After one year of absence in Leeds, I found that, like in Malaysia, the price of goods in Leeds has increased. I used to be able to get 3 chicken legs (drumsticks with thighs attached) for 1 pound from the market, now I can only get 2 :(. Fresh salmon used to be about 3.80 for 1 lb (about 1/2 kg), now it's like about 4.20 per lb. Jasmine Rice from Thailand used to be 1 pound per kg, it's now about 1.65. Inflation inflation... :(


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