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The Biography of a Sustainable Snowman

On the 3rd Februrary 2009, a little snowball was conceived.

Within a few hours, it grew larger and larger.

And turned into triple layers of snowballs.

A pair of nutty eyes, a (starting to grow moldy) carroty nose, a pebbly mouth and a pair of tree branches sprouted from the balls to form a snowman.

Me thinks that it looks like a strict female primary school teacher though.

The snowlady in its full glory!

Hello! (^_^)

Ain't she pretty? She even comes with a mole on her left cheek (^^;)

Be afraid!! Be very afraid!! She stalks you when you're asleep, and she knows if you haven't been doing your homework!!!

One day later... she remains strong and healthy...

Two days later... I caught her showering in the snow (you will see snow showers in the picture if you look carefully)...

I gave her a little touch-up cosmetic surgery after the shower...

Day 4: Still nice and jolly!

Day 6: "Hello sir, welcome to Leeds. Allow me to open the door for you."
She's found a part time job as a car jockey. Still youthful and alive, although she seems to be missing an arm (>.<) *takes her to the surgery room to put it back*

Day 7: She lost an eye, her nose, her mouth, and both arms. I quickly performed surgery on her again, but forgot to take a picture of her all patched up :(

I overheard a student saying "oh look... the snowman is still there!" *beams with pride*

Day 8: In her golden years when she was not as pretty as she was anymore :(

Day 9: In the middle of the night, my poor snowlady slipped and fell on her back and broke her head (T_T) I suspect that she was hit by a car, but there was no proof (>.<). Amazingly, her torso is still in one piece.

Day 10: Do you believe in miracles and the resurrection? It was either the work of a mysterious external force, or my snowlady seem to have rose herself up from the dead overnight. Into a snowzombie (>.<)

... although she didn't quite manage to resurrect her head (>.<) (The Headless Snowzombie of Leeds!!!)

Day 12: The snowzombie is still roaming...

However, her upper torso finally broke away from her lower body that evening :(

Day 13: Her body is slowly withering due to the horrible (bright sunny) weather...

... and this is what's left of her head (>.<)

Day 14: Still fighting hard even at the brink of death...

Day 15: R.I.P. (17/2/2009) :(

...leaving her nose to mark her existence...

I've also kept her eyes in solemn memory of her =(

I may not make the best looking snowman, but I sure build the Most Sustainable Snowman in Leeds 2009 ™. I mean, how many snowmen were there in Leeds which lasted 2 weeks even after all the snow has melted?

I should also mention that 95% of the snowman was built by me, alone. (A flatmate helped a bit with the upper torso, and another helped me lift up the upper torso onto the lower torso).

Now that I've built a large snowman, my new dream is to build a nice looking mascot character (snow bunnies anyone? ^^) Humans... they can never be satisfied... *sigh*


1 YP said,

Your snowman / snowlady had a gender identity crisis?

This year, he / she looked much cuter….but still looked pretty much mentally time put some eyebrow la…

You should give him / her a funeral… RIP, from water to water..

2 josiah said,

Thanks for the compliments!! =)

She thinks she’s a guy, I think she’s a lady. Well, who cares? :P

“from water to water” good one. Should it be “from water to air” though? :P

3 maria said,


4 josiah said,

Do you mean my beautiful snow lady is funny, or the fact that she died is funny? :(

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