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R.I.P. Geocities

Geocities was one of the most popular web hosting service in the mid-to-late nineties. Yahoo! bought over Geocities in 1999, and the service went completely downhill after that. Yahoo! finally decided to shut it down for good on 26th October 2009. Thus I spent quite some time last month salvaging what remained of my old page on Geocities, last updated in 2001 (!). I had to download each file by clicking on them one by one, thanks to Yahoo! discontinuing their FTP service on Geocities for non-paying members. These files include some lovely MIDIs and animated GIFS!

(Geocities in early 1999, as taken from Internet Archive)

The purpose of my post is just to take a walk down memory lane... through the times I've spent with Geocities :( It felt a bit nostalgic when I was downloading my files, and I was laughing out loud reading my old Guestbook entries.

I built my very first webpage some time at the end of 1997. I was quite proud of this since I was just exposed to the Internet just one or two months before! This was after my parents decided to obtain a new desktop and get connected to the Internet. Although I have been using my dad's trusty 486 since young (yes I've used MSDOS, Norton Commander, Wordstar, Lotus 123, Windows 3.1, etc.), I was completely ignorant of all the new technology cropping up between 1995-1997 as I was quite focussed on my studies at the time. Thus it was quite a feat to be able to figure out how to use Windows 95, grasp the concept of the Internet AND build a "homepage" within one or two months!

I think my dad was the first person to put up a homepage on Geocities. Everybody else in the family then followed suit. Geocities was divided into "neighbourhoods" where you build your "home". Mine was at

My first webpage was built using Netscape Composer. I still think it's an amazing piece of work for someone who has just dabbled with the Internet, let alone web page designing! Some of the animated gifs were missing but I somehow managed to remember what they were and found them on the Internet!

I still think these little angels and devils are amazing! Especially when you hover your mouse over them -- angels will turn to devils and vice versa! :)

Shame that the main page is the only page I have with me. I think there were some very interesting things in the other subpages but I guess I didn't know enough about backing up back then :(

Less than half a year later, I decided to completely redesign my page. The new homepage used frames, and was brighter, happier, with lots of animated gifs, and even played a background MIDI! (Note the angel and devil balls! I liked them too much to be able to rid of them!) I still like the design even after all these years, and I think it actually withstands the test of time... well to a certain extent! Even the animated gifs were used quite tastefully :P

And yet half a year later, I suddenly fancied something more simple and elegant -- so gone were all the fancy animated gifs and graphics. I also changed the name of my homepage because I thought (and still think) the word "homepage" sounds amateurish (^,^). SkY-dOvE was the nick I was using at the time if you haven't yet figured it out.

Again, I think this design also withstands the test of time. Although the page was a bit plain, it actually does look quite tasteful. I'm still amazed at how I actually managed to create the circular menu thing!

The page was then abandoned for some time as I focussed on developing various different webpages at different places. When I finally came back to this page, I thought it was a little too plain and decided to update it. I launched the new design around New Year's Day of 2001, and rebranded it as the "Millennium Edition" after the lovely Operating System (I now think that was a bad idea ^^;). Background MIDIs (bubblegum pop music from the 90's!) and some brighter colours returned!

And the page stayed that way ever since. I attempted to create a new design some time in 2002 but ended up not launching it (it looked great by the way!). There were a few more attempts for a complete redesign but I've never managed to finished any of them. Until I was forced to whip up something before I left for the UK in 2006 ;)

So if you managed to read through all that, thank you for joining me in my nostalgia :P

I have found a website called which attempted to salvage EVERY Geocities web page out there one week before its closure. This was a very noble project! *salutes* My page seemed to be tracked, although I guess it didn't help that my index.htm page there redirects to my new website, and so the crawler did not manage to save anything else. I might just send the files I've backed up to the author just for completeness sake! ;)


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