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Blessed Easter

Wishing everybody a very blessed Easter!

(This blog looks like it's all about festive greetings nowadays LOL)

Warning: Religious overtones ahead.

Always remember the true meaning of Easter. The resurrection of Jesus is indeed glorious, but I think it sometimes overshadows what I think Jesus would have preferred to be remembered for -- his sufferings before coming into glory. This is what people tend to forget, and instead choosing to go crazy with the "Alleluia"s and "He Is Risen!"s. That or the easter bunnies. Or chocolate easter eggs. Yum.

I have never really understood what it means by "He died for our sins", until recently. I've never thought about it, and have probably just been accepting it as a fact without truly understanding the real meaning behind it... I mean, how can Jesus save everybody of their sins by dying on the cross? I think it is worth a thought if it has never crossed your mind before. I have my own answer though.

Again, have a blessed Easter!


1 bakaka said,

funny. i have also been wondering about the very same question these past weeks. i still haven’t found a satisfactory enough an answer. will keep on searching.

i also feel that celebrating on saturday night seems too soon >.< i think next year i will try to hold off the celebration until sunday morning…

2 josiah said,

haha… good… keep on searching until you find it… I think the answer lies somewhere between the words “suffering”, “offering” and “sacrifice”. “Ransom” is a good one as well. I think “dying” isn’t really the whole story…

Well… maybe you can wait till Sunday 12am :P

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