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Liverpool Revisited (Part 2): Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King is a Roman Catholic cathedral. In contrast with the Liverpool Catherdral, it has a modern, futuristic looking design.

The cathedral spots a circular design, with the altar at the centre, and the congregation to be seated around it. Note the "Crown of Thorns" on the roof.

The doors in the picture above are closed. This is how the doors look when they're open.

Stepping inside the church, you can see wonderful colours all around. And it's all from natural lighting. It is said that the colours in the cathedral will change according to the intensity and direction of the sun, and when you go around the cathedral, the entrance will look different from when you came.

Looking up, you can see the "Lantern Tower, containing the world's largest stained glass window, designed by John Piper and Patrick Reyntiens in a continuous progression of all the colours of the spectrum." (copied from brochure).

There are many different little "rooms" and chapels around the cathedral. Like these Reconciliation rooms. The red stained glass window is just too striking for me to not post it. Confessions will never be the same again (^^;)

This circular design was actually not the original design for the Cathedral (it was only designed around 1960). In fact, I was at an exhibition earlier which was displaying the large model (taller than me!) of the original design by Sir Edwin Lutyen. It was supposed to be a very ambitious and gigantic cathedral. However, from the original design, only the crypt was built. And this is the crypt. Which I did not manage to enter because it was a holiday (T_T)

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