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My Workplace (Part 1)

I have recently moved to a new office at work! That doesn't sound like anything great until you realise the fact that I have shifting in and out of three different workplaces within a span of less than 6 months! That must be a record for any academic! So, before I talk about my new office, let me do a little flashback of my previous workplace...

My first office (when I've just returned to MMU) was in one of the tutor's office in use, shared with three other colleagues. It was in this office that I spent many a night doing stuff which I could have done at home if my laptop wasn't warded at the time.

Note the ugly boxes stacked against the big-large-window-where-its-sole-purpose-is-to-let-everybody-walking-by-stare-at-you. We were all poor tutors who couldn't afford a proper curtain... so a recyclable "curtain" will have to do (>.<)

One of the main complaints I had about the room was the sheer brightness of the place, especially during the early evenings. The razor-thin blinds did nothing to alleviate the situation. I guess MMU is just too stingy prudent to provide better blinds (= a conducive workplace) for their staff (>.<). So, again, one desperate resourceful colleague tried the thicken the blinds with another layer of test papers recycled materials.

Good attempt. But it didn't really help much (T_T). You can see for yourself how bright the sunlight is in the picture below. And there were worse cases (>.<)

Anyway, that was how my first office (after returning to MMU) looked like. Tune in to Part 2 to take a look at my second office!

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