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2007 departs, 2008 arrives

It's a new year again, and as usual.... so what? :)

Here is a summary of my dairy of events for 2007...

January: Exams. Ice-skated for the first time in my life. Went touring in Manchester and Liverpool after exams. Experienced (some light) snow for the first time.

February: Start of new semester. Chinese New Year in the UK. Then toured Cambridge, Stratford-upon-Avon and Coventry.

March: Err... busy with assignments I guess? :P

April: Joined the HostUK program in Liverpool. Visited Edinburgh.

May: Exams >.<

June: Worked on Master's project. And planned Eurotrip at the same time >.<

July: Eurotrip!! (See July 2007 archives) And Master's project of course.

August: Finished up Master's thesis.

September: Mostly discussion with lecturers regarding possibilities of a PhD, writing up a conference paper, and visited Birmingham and Warwick during a weekend.

October: Returned to Malaysia. Celebrated Hari Raya in Kelantan. Then resumed work at MMU >.<

November: One word - studying and teaching Computer Graphics. And writing up conference paper. And a broken laptop >.<

December: More Computer Graphics. In fact, I don't think I have thought of anything else other than Computer Graphics throughout the whole month. >.<

So that's it... a boring life of a boring guy >.<

New year resolution? Let's take a peek at what I wrote last year:

1. To gain a fake British accent - Nope sorry, no accent (ToT)
2. To improve my cooking! - Seems like it has been achieved. I think (>.<)

This year?

1. Get started on my PhD.

Can't think of anything else >.<

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